AQUA BIO lighting

Visible light is just a tiny portion of the total electromagnetic spectrum, which includes radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays, and others that yet to define of. Generally, the light environment can be classified in three ways that are wavelength, intensity and duration.

Growth has been the fundamental property of biological systems and it can be defined as an increase of body size per time unit. Growth of fowl is analogous to growth of mammalian that consisting of three or four cycles, where two of these cycles occur after hatching. Indigenous chicken, like improved breeds has a sigmoid growth pattern with differences in growth rate and its feed efficiency, although researches show the indigenous fowl seemed to complete the rapid growth phase earlier than improved breeds. In addition, from numerous research studies, the growth also highly related and affected by genetic and non-genetic factors

Light Spectrum (hereafter as “Light”) has been a very important aspect of the animals environment. Avian species as well as mammalian species respond to light energy in a variety of ways, including growth and reproductive performances. The value of regulating the photoperiod of poultry and livestock to stimulate reproduction has been recognized for many years and is used regularly by commercial poultry and livestock farmers.

For chicken there are three major functions of light:

  • To facilitate sight,
  • To stimulate internal cycles due to day-length changes in different region of the world, and
  • To initiate hormone release biologically.

Light uses for poultry in the past had been complicated and not economical; however, with the current energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), the uses of light become economically for the farmer to gain advantages and benefits of. Nevertheless, most farmers are still confused of what light is and what aspects of it are important to rare poultry. Below are the descriptions of lights on what light is and what of its aspects.

All in all, the Light Spectrum, has been important and being more recognized in the world of ecosystems and agro-ecosystems. Light brings indeflectible biological pattern for most of the living species on the earth, which not only affect their health and its system, it also improves their growth and reproductive performances. Furthermore, with the correct Light, we may also improve our environmental control such as repellent of some harmful species.