Aquatic Breeding Lamp (ESH-BREED series)

Fish varies in size, shape, color, and behavior. Keeping fish healthy requires utmost cares, as they demand good filtration, certain water and temperature parameters, and good lighting to remain stress-free condition. Breeding fishes can even be more difficult, with lighting in particular playing an important role of the breeding cycle. In most of the cases, however, simulating natural environmental conditions is very important. Lighting helps to emulate a fish’s natural environment by stimulating day and dark cycles, like the rising and setting of the sun. Turning the light ON during the day and keeping the light OFF at night simulates the natural sun cycles; hence, prompting many fishes to begin their breeding cycles.

Light, both direct and indirect, is of great importance in the lives of fishes. It has profound effects upon the internal mechanisms of fish; it exerts a great influence on the maturation of fish as well as their development and metabolism (in addition to the behavior and coloration). For a number of fishes, an increase in the amount of illumination produces significant acceleration in the development of egg. This often takes the form of an increase in development rate in the light and a decrease in the rate at dark. As a result, the maturation of the gonads depends to a large extent on the duration of light and its intensity.

Scientific researches show that all of the aquatic food chain has eyes sensitive to the color of blue and green. In pure water, it contains little particulate matter scatter light in the blue-purple region of spectrum; hence, human eyes see the water as blue. If the water is full in nutrients and contains photosynthetic micro-organisms and plants, the chlorophyll in their bodies absorb red and blue light; hence, the unabsorbed light being transmitted and scattered which giving water the greenish appearance. If the water contains a lot of organic material from decaying plant life or suspended sediment, yellow-brown color will be seen. Therefore, it is expected that fishes grow and breed faster in the organically rich earthen ponds with greenish appearance (algae rich that supplying the food chain of the micro-organisms).

Real Magic’s years of researches in the area of aquatic bring the patent pending ESH-BREED series that supporting both the blue and green spectrums in reflecting the aquatic food chains. The higher light intensity (or luminance) helps to promote better metabolisms and stress-free condition of the living things in the water. In addition, the incorporated special red spectrum enhances the chlorophyll and photoactinic activities that produce enough micro-organisms for the living ecosystem in the water. The Light, with the correct day-dark cycles and luminance, helps creating an optimum environment to the growth and stimulation of the breeding cycle of aquatic lives.

We are confident of this patent pending Bio-lamp (ESH-BREED series) in the aquaculture breeding product will provide additional advantages to the farmers in the following,

  • Plan, manage, and better control of sea-lives breeding cycles,
  • Enjoy phenomenal growth rates of fry due to healthier and rich micro-organism lives environment,
  • High profits at better rate of breeding cycles, improved feed intake, and lower mortality rates of fry.