Aquatic Grow Lamp (ESH-GROW series)

Light plays a major role in most aquatic species, especially keeping valuable fish like the Asian Arowana. Since a high percentage of red light being filtered in the first few meters of water, bright red fishes are commonly found. Fishes that are solid red in color are generally either nocturnal (as red fade away in water at night to ease their night hunting behavior) or live at moderate depth. The visual spectrum of fish depends on the nature of their habitat; the shallow water fishes are more sensitive to longer wavelength of light (red in particular), while the depth increases, the visual spectrum becomes narrow.

Studies show relative increase of eye size has obvious adaption to the low light level, this affords a much greater area for light detection. Therefore, a fish with large eyes should be kept in a tank with either low light levels or caves and overhangs. As some big fishes like the Arowana (with a pair of big round eye and orange-red color body), it is a shallow water species that lives in the moderate light level. A good wide spectrum of light in moderate light intensity may be best to stress-free the fish like Arowana.

Real Magic’s ESH-GROW series has the full spectrum as the actual visible daylight. It provides the full light spectrum which enhances the visual effects of the species living in the earthen ponds or in an aquarium tank. The GROW series not only growing the agricultural plants in the water, but also provide the natural daylight to the species living in the water. This is the best spectrum in simulating the natural light parameters to an aquatic environment. The simulated natural daylight increases their ribonucleic acid (RNA) that involved in the production of protein which is incorporated in new tissues. Increasing of feeding activity theoretically involves higher metabolic rate and results the base of a higher growth rate (synthesis of protein), the correlation between metabolic rate and RNA concentration is probably only a reflection of the fact that both are governed by the feeding level, and the gonads maturation must also include in the similar synthesis of proteins. As a result, ESH-GROW series should be used in synchronize with the appropriate feeding level in order to induce optimum metabolic and mature rate of the fish.

We are confident of this Bio-lamp (ESH-GROW series) in the aquaculture growing product that provide additional advantages to the farmers in the following,

  • Better growing, metabolism, and maturation for optimum profit,
  • Healthy and stress-free environment to the aquaculture that result in better breeding cycles.