Bio Insect Repellent Lamp (ESH-REPELL series)

Insects are among the most diverse group of animals on the planet that include more than a million described species and represent more than half of all known organisms. Insects maybe found in nearly all environments, although only a small number of species occur in the oceans as currently known of. The life cycles of insects vary but mostly hatching from eggs, and the most diverse insect groups appear to have coevolved with flowering plants.

Many insects possess very sensitive and/or specialized organs of perception. Some insects such as bees can perceive ultraviolet spectrum or detect polarized light; in another case, the antennae of male moths can detect the pheromones of female moths many kilometers away. Different insect species can have varying hearing as well, and the mosquitoes have been found to hear up to 2MHz where some grasshoppers can hear up to 50MHz. They are predatory and parasitic insects that can detect the characteristic sounds made by their prey or hosts, respectively. For example, some may perceive ultrasonic emissions of bats that help them to avoid predation; whereas, some may have special sensory structures to detect infrared emissions to home in as hosts.

Many insects are considered pests by human, and they are commonly classified to parasitic, disease transmitting, damaging structures, or agriculture destroyers. Many entomologists are involved in the pest control with the forms of insecticides, biological pest controls, or even bio-control. Despite the large effort of insect controlling, human attempts to kill pests with chemical insecticides that may backfire in future.

REALMAGIC’s important research of all is the Light and Sound as part of the insect repellent applications. We believe in the backfire activities, and we continue focus on our objective of balanced ecosystem, which species in the environment continue to bring under the equalized bio-system. Therefore, we research in the area of Light and Sound in order to repel and to prevent the bads, instead of killing them.

Pic-2.1 Pic-2.2

They are two products in the ESH-INSECT series as shown in Pic-2.1, and the patent pending Light spectrum is shown as Pic-2.2. There are,
a) the patent pending Light sourced Insect repellent, and
b) the patented Light/Sound sourced Insect repellent.

The insect sight includes simple eye or ocelli as well as compound eyes of varying sizes, and many are detectable to infrared Light, ultraviolet, and visible wavelengths. We impose the Yellow-Orange Light spectrum to irritate and to uncomforting the insect sight structure in order to induce the repellent capabilities. This patent pending Light also includes the non-harmful near infrared that produces thermal-like wavelength in confusing of their respective thermal senses; additionally, it includes the repellent of the murines and cockroaches which are negative photoaxis. Our design also includes some special medicative wavelengths that help to lenitive mosquito bites.

Researches find that insects were the earliest organisms to produce and sense sounds. The sense of sound made by the insect’s movement is amplified and can be used to warn or to communicate with other insects. Real Magic makes use of the insects’ sense of sounds to reproduce multiple phases of high frequencies (greater than 23kHz that avoids disturbing teenage hearings) in different time intervals. This method confuses and prevents the insects from custom to the same sound frequency, and continually mislead with the warning sounds. Furthermore, producing of some sharp frequencies in interval will disturb the insects or murines away from the effective area. Since we are using the very high sound frequencies, they are transparent and cause harmless to the human hearing.

We are confident of this patent pending Bio-lamp (ESH-INSECT series) as the insects/murines repellent that will provide additional advantages to the farmers and home uses in the following,

  • To reduce mosquitoes/insects/murines in an effective and healthy ways (about 75% on Light),
  • To further improve and reduce insect/murines in more efficient way (about 90% on Light/Sound),
  • To grow plants as well as repelling the harmful insects (Light with plant grow functions),