About Real Magic Technology

Real Magic Technology Sdn. Bhd. established in mid-2005, and the company focuses in high technology research and development in the Green solution such as the solar controller, lighting engineering, and Spectrology Ecosystem Science & Researches (Photometric Science & Engineering).

With the years of researches, the company has invented and patented the AGRO fast grow lamp in 2009, and follows with the FISHERY, Bio-BIRDS and Bio-SHELLED fast grow photometric lighting in 2012, which will be the revolutionaries in the agriculture industry. The company acquires the Malaysia MSC status in Oct’ 2008, and owns/co-own total of 24 various important lighting patents (inclusive of 10 major inventions) as well as two major company trademarks.

Real Magic Technology Sdn. Bhd. started as a Design and Marketing based company with outsource Manufacturing for its products. We have eight design bases/partners in China and two design bases in Malaysia. In 2012, with the expansion plans and financial support from our venture partner “Musharaka Venture Management Sdn Bhd, MVMSB” and MIDA recognitions, we had successfully implemented the manufacturing of own high-tech lightings in Malaysia. We focus on Energy Saving Solutions and developments of products with our leading photometric science and engineering. In short, couple with the own photometric researches, we develop Energy Saving Solutions/Products with both the Solar and Lighting based of technologies.

As an intellectual based of company, we value the talents and people as the major assets of the company. In addition, we value all the Malaysia customers in supporting the home grown developments and products.

RMT-Bagan RMT-Tambun Intrade Container Aqua Lab

Products / Services

Real Magic Technology Sdn. Bhd., with its years of recognized researches and design in the field of lighting & photometric engineering, has been implementing its patented solutions to more than 400 models of owned products for superior energy savings and reliable quality performances.

We design ranges of easy and efficient retrofit products, and supporting any new application lighting for energy savings. Among all products, we support as low as 3W to a high 400W tri-phosphor technology to replace current high power lightings for energy saving solutions.

In the patented solutions, we also emphasize on Agriculture lightings such as the plant grow lamps which proven in gaining tremendous support and response from the Agriculture base of Cameron Highland in Malaysia.

Real Magic Technology Sdn. Bhd. not only design for product solutions, we also involved in the initial stage on scaled lighting systems such as the highways, tunnels, gas stations, and buildings. Apart of lighting solutions, we participate in the Green system design such as the solar controller, Gel battery formulations for frigid weather, and solar PV or Wind-power integrated systems with up to 1MW.

In addition to the local Malaysia, our products and services support to USA, Europe, Middle-East, India, China, and ASEAN countries.

Real Magic Group

  • R&D (HQ)
    Real Magic Technology Sdn Bhd
  • R&D/Mfg
    Spectrology Industry Sdn Bhd
  • R&D
    Real Magic Technology (Zhongshan) Ltd.
    Real Magic Distribution Sdn Bhd
  • INT’L S&M
    Blithe Forest (HK) Ltd.

Our Products (lightings)

  • Local and International certifications
  • No flickers with instant start-up designs
  • Retrofit designs with economical solutions
  • High efficient with performance & reliability
  • Non-glare with latest Tri-phosphor technology
  • High power factors with superior energy savings
  • Supported and designed with more than 24 patents
  • years in the industry with major corporate supports.