Our Group

Real Magic Technology Sdn Bhd (712397-X)

GST NO.: 000105046016
CIDB NO.: 0120141205-PP160286
G7 B B04
G7 CE CE21
G7 ME M15 E02
MOF NO.: 357-02229364
  • Head Quarter - Malaysia MSC Status Company
  • R&D of "Soft Signal Engineering"
  • R&D of "LED" Substrate/ Medical Developments
  • Project Designs & Developments

Paid-up Capital: RM 5,000,000
Annual Revenues: RM 20,000,000
Established: Y2005

Real Magic Distribution Sdn Bhd (840742-U)

GST NO.: 002051674112
  • International Sales & Trades

Paid-up Capital: RM 100,000
Annual Revenues: RM 5,000,000
Established: Y2009

Spectrology Industry Sdn Bhd (869318-U)

GST NO.: 001300070400
CIDB NO.: 0120150429-PP163120
G5 B  B04
G5 CE CE21 CE43
MOF NO.: 357-02231370
  • Malaysia MIDA approved Lighting R&D and Manufacturing Status
  • R&D of Photometric Science
  • R&D of Photobiology & Photochemistry
  • R&D of Lighting & Applications
  • Architecture of Lights
  • Manufacturing & Productions
  • Domestic Projects and Sales & Marketing

Paid-up Capital: RM 2,500,000
Annual Revenues: RM 10,000,000
Established: Y2009

Spectrology Farmings Sdn Bhd (1043775-D)

  • Agriculture Channels & Sales
  • Agriculture Projects & Developments