Management & Team

Dato' Dr. KK Chang (Chief Executive Officer, CEO)
DBA, Phd EE (post graduate), MSEE, BSEE

Dato' Dr KK Chang holds the degrees of DBA, Phd EE (post graduate), MSEE and BSEE from the USA’s Universities. He is a veteran in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and an economist in the field of risk analysis and managements. Dato' has a total of 25 years experiences in the field of engineering and management.

Dato' Dr Chang had been involved in the R &D of power load flow engineering for space station studies and massive power load flow distribution engineering in the USA (1980s). He had been one of the pioneer engineers/management in the field of automation (Motorola), hard disk drive (Conner Peripherals/BMI/Seagate), mobile phone technology, voice recognition and authentications, and various Operation, Business Development, and Investment Management experiences in the listed companies. He had seriously involved in a few ISO9000/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 implementations and 5 lPO listing processes in his career.

Dato' Dr Chang heads the Malaysia CIE Division-6 in the Photometric Science and Engineering, and he has been actively involved in the research of Photo-chemistry and Photo-biology Science since Y2005. He invented and developed the CFL/T5 patented reflective and heat dissipation structures, High Frequency Magnetic Induction Lamp (HF-MIL) and VHF-MIL for high power energy saving solutions. He had successfully demonstrated the 1st in the world 450W HF-MIL and DC-MIL products that introduced in the Guangxi Nanning ASEAN Expo-2011 and INTRADE Malaysia Expo-2012.

Dato' Dr Chang owns and co-owns 29 invention patents, 49 new application patents, and 3 outlook patents. He also published various articles in the field of engineering and economy

Datin EL Tan (Executive Director)

Datin Tan has 19 years of experiences in the electronic and computer sales and marketing, office and administrative managements. She has been heavily involved in the Domestic Malaysia sales and marketing strategy and networking.

Datin has successfully started-up business network from the ground and brought up a distribution size of up to RM 40 million in the past experiences. Her experiences in the field of marketing will be the asset to the company.

Mr. Hairul Hisham bin Mohamad Soradi (Director)

Mr. Hairul (age 31) is currently a shareholder, Director & Investment Committee member of the Musharaka Group. He currently heads the Investment, finance & corporate functions of Musharaka Group.

He started his career at BIMBVC Group. He graduated from the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) in Malaysia with a degree in Finance & Investment. He is currently pursuing his ACCA, London and working to qualify as a Chartered Accountant soon. In the BIMBVC Group, he played a major role in portfolio monitoring and divestment in the Company. He has exposed to the complete cycle of VC/PE investments and business growth strategies.

He is currently responsible for investment terms structure, financial & evaluation model, listing & other exit strategy for investees. In addition, he takes charge of the finance aspects & administrative matters to the Musharaka group.

Hairul is presently the Director of Al-Mawarid Equity Sdn Bhd, Crest Focus Sdn Bhd, Oriental Fastech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Hopetech Sdn Bhd and Real Magic Technology Sdn Bhd.

Mr. Lim (Operations General Manager)

Mr. Lim (age 51) is currently the Operations GM of the company owned Spectrology Industry Sdn. Bhd. (factory). He owns the Master Degree In Business administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Science in Commerce.

Mr Lim has been involved in Manufacturing Operations for more than 25 years, and holding senior positions in the operations since 1995. He started his career in Conner Peripherals and Seagate, and worked oversea for more than 12 years. He has started-up various new factories in domestic and international environment.

He is currently responsible for the full assembly and manufacturing of the products in Malaysia, and he operates the logistic and Customer Service section of the corporate activities. Furthermore, he coordinates the Agriculture Field Research and Engineering for the company AGRO researches.

Miss Hurul Aini binti Md. Hadzir (Agriculture Research Section Head)

Miss Hurul aged 26 holding the BS in Marine Biology and Diploma of Fishery. She started her career as Aquaculture Researcher in Real Magic Technology Sdn Bhd since early Y2011.

Miss Hurul has been actively involved in the fishery of sea and fresh water aquaculture research with photo-chemistry and photo-biology science in Marine studies since her abroad to Real Magic Technology. She heads the research sections of Agriculture (for floral, vegetables and plants), bio-poultry, shell-life and fishery researches in the company with the team of 6 researchers.

Miss Hurul has successfully introduced the process of photo-biology application to the prawns, crabs, and fresh water fishes in tremendous improved growth patterns. In addition, her process of hatchery and photo-chemistry in fresh water algae science has proven a new concept for fries stages of feedling systems.

Miss Halimah binti Yaakob (Test & Laboratory Section Head)

Miss Halimah aged 27 holding the BS in Biodiversity from the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia. She started her career as Agriculture Researcher in the company since early 2010.

Miss Halimah has been actively involved in the photobiology and photochemistry researches for agricultural science of Bio-Poultry and Plants. Her in-depth research has been proven and successfully implemented for hydroponic, tissue culture, and floral applications.

Miss Halimah currently heads the Test and Laboratory sections on all electrical, electronic, and environmental tests. In addition, she heads for the photonic science lab and tests that formulating phosphorous, LED spectrums, and Fluorescent lighting spectrums.

Miss Malarvili A/P Muniandy (Senior Sales Admin Executive)

Miss Malar aged 27 graduated with the Diploma in E-Secretary & Finance. She has a total of six years Admin experiences with her career as Admin and Sales in Real Magic Technology Sdn Bhd since early Y2012.

She responsible all of the Sales Administrations in the group of company. In addition, she responsible on the local purchasing and supports.