Our Statement of System & Lighting Engineering

which systems & lightings in building and other application will

  • Enhance the performance and well-being of people
  • Adapt easily to the changing needs of any user
  • Use all sources of system application with light efficiently & effectively
  • Function as true systems, fully integrated with other systems
  • Create minimal impacts on the environment during their manufacturing, installation, maintenance, operations, and disposal.

As a result, people will understand, value, and utilize the tangible, personal benefits provided by these systems & lightings.

For Infinity and Beyond…

Real Magic Technology (RMT) believes to widen and fulfill our contributions and services the best of our abilities. We aspire to provide our best in Innovative, Excellent and Professional developments. We have qualified and committed staffs with strengths, and we are readied to provide a wide range of lighting and soft signal engineering (SSE) expertise. Besides utilizing advance technologies and state of the arts, we are also supported by a team of accredited consultants and partners.

We believe RMT is uniquely positioned for growth through its ability to simply make a difference to people’s lives with meaningful, sustainable innovations.