Soft Signal Engineering


Fiber optics

10GB Fiber Optic Backbone - Singlemode Fiber Optic and Ducting

Application Characteristics
  • Adopted to outdoor distribution.
  • Adopted to trunk power transmission system
  • Access network and local network in high electromagnetic interfering places.
  • Non-metal strength member
  • Filler protect loose tuber fiber
  • Non-metal strength has an excellent anti-electromagnet ability


Advantages & Potentials of the Proposed Project
Connecting the all internet services along the highway
  • Consolidation for internet services.
  • Cost saving with ONE infrastructure.
  • Cost saving for IP telecommunications along highway.
  • Easy Expandable services to all Informative Technologies.
Connecting the world to “Kampong” – Rural residences
  • Rural residences in reaching the world.
  • Improve business opportunities for rural.
  • Connecting and Closing the gap of information for rural.
Merge of Telcos’ services and applications
  • Ease of utility supplies and maintenances.
  • More reliable and robust network and system.
  • Cost savings with sharing the same Tower stations.
  • Reduce identical infrastructure setups for applications.

CCTV & Surveillance

Capabilities of proposed OPTIONAL IP-based CCTV System:
  • The proposed surveillance system for highway could enhance and to assist operators in monitoring the incidences and traffics on the highway that provide deterrence.
  • The IP-based CCTV system will be installed at Toll Plaza, Tunnel, Bridge and Rest Area.
Proposed IP-based CCTV System:
  • The CCTV system uses the IP technology for live video streaming and recording.
  • The IP-based CCTV system is flexible and to provide easy expansions for future requirements.
  • The surveillance system provides a High Definition (HD) video resolution of 720p for identification and recording.
  • Intelligent cameras are installed in the 2km tunnel to detect accidents or obstructions in tunnel.
  • The CCTV system is designed to be monitored and controlled by multiple operators.
  • Local and remote control rooms could be setup for multiple operators.
Pan/Tilt /Zoom ( PTZ) Cameras
  • Min of 720p resolution and H.264 video compressions.
  • IP address for video streaming.
  • Using Optical Zoom Lens, no image distortion after zoom.
  • PTZ Control remotely by operators.
  • Design for Day/Night video monitoring.
Intelligence at the edge
  • Intelligence detection that is built-into the camera provides automation for mimimum human monitoring and errors.
  • The intelligence detection allows detection of stopped vehicle, obstractions on the road, and vehicles travelling in the wrong direction.


System Architecture - IP Digital Keyphone System

Optional Proposal for a IP Digital PABX system
  • Ability to incorporate intercom system into the PABX system, larger scale installation.
  • Do not require a separate Intercom controller as Intercom system is treated as part of a telephone extension.
  • Intercomsystemcan be placed in Toll Booth for operators and also a push button intercomsystem can be installed at each lane for drivers to intercom operators where necessary.

Features of IP Digital PABX system
  • Calls made within the network system is free.
  • Calls can be re-routed to available operator in another toll interchange.
  • Cost saving as an operator can be designated to manage more than one toll interchange thus an operator at each interchange is not required.
  • Call billings can be managed through a centralized system.
  • Easily expandable to add in additional PABX system into the system i.e. rest area, tunnel etc.

Emergency Phone System

SOS Module located every 2 kilometers away on both sides of the highway.
SOS Module
  • V2A stainless steel faceplate in RAL 2004 orange.
  • Red mushroom button.
  • 2 LEDs to indicate states “conversation” and “fault”.
  • PBT + PC (Polyester - Polycarbonate Blend) Housing.
  • Power consumption for the PCB,
    • Idle : 1W
    • During Conversation : 5W

GSM Transmission System